Oh Captain, My Captain: The Poll

Perhaps it's time to get the pulse of the fan base on this issue. Or perhaps not, but it's definitely time to get the lopsided losses post off the top of this site!

The way I figure there are three basic lines of thought on the issue: A) Name the captain of present and future now. B) None of the Avs young core is ready to take the reigns as the long term captain of this team so hand it to a veteran to keep the captain's seat warm until someone is ready. C) Leave the captaincy up for grabs.

With A, I only see two players being options. Paul Stastny and Erik Johnson. Duchene, O'Reilly, Landeskog, et al may be future captain material but it's too early in their careers to put this on them. But of course if Stastny or Johnson is named captain, that more or less eliminates the possibility of these players being named captain in the near future, barring a trade, lest Stastny or EJ be stripped of the captaincy. Neither of these guys would or should be named captain to keep the seat warm for the younger guys.

For B, after the Liles trade, there's only one option: Milan Hejduk. He is the longest tenured Av by far and he's the only one to have tasted the glory years of the franchise. There's a perception that he would not want or be comfortable with a captain's role, and who knows if that is true or not, but many don't view him as captain material regardless. Nevertheless it would clearly be a situation where he has the reigns until one of the young guys prove themselves and even if he plays for a couple more years it wouldn't be thought of as a "stripping" should he hand the reigns to someone else.

As for C, there are a couple of ideas. One would be rotating the captaincy for a season, which the Minnesota Wild did a couple of years back (I believe Buffalo did this too). Another would be leaving the captaincy open, having three assistants, and using it to motivate the young guys. Tell them the seat is open and nothing will be handed to them. They have to go out and earn it on the ice and in the locker room.

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