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A little levity please

With all the heavy dialog today, how about something...else.

I give you, the random stat of the day!!


What you're seeing is the diabolical Craig Anderson's ugly duckling type metamorphosis from last season. I for one see no disparity between his time with the two squads. None at all. I mean, Ottawa was simply a better team than the Avs, that's the only difference, hands down. Proof: Ottawa finished 32-40-10 for 74 points whereas the Avs went 30-40-8 for 68 points, not to, on second thought my theory may have one or two very minor cracks, maybe.

Love ya Semyon! Can't wait for Oct 8th!!

We should really all be thanking Mr Anderson for his rebound in Ottawa. Without it, we'd be short one Landeskog. So, Craig, thank you for taking one for the team. You take the terms "team player" and "Ti4__" to a new level. Sorry the front office couldn't give you what you wanted, but we'll never forget your 51-save clinic in game 3.