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Lokomotiv will not play this season & other updates

© RIA Novosti. Maxim Bogodvid via <a href=""></a>
© RIA Novosti. Maxim Bogodvid via

After the organization paid respects to the team this morning, Lokomotiv president announced that they will wait until next season to restart operations for the team. The time will give the team a chance to rebuild competitively and, more importantly, to heal. The head of the KHL's board of directors, Slava Fetisov, said the league will do everything they can to support Lokomotiv in this process. KHL officials will address the new 2011-2012 schedule in the coming days.

The KHL has renamed the Opening Cup to the Lokomotiv Cup. This is an award given to the winner of the first meeting between last year's playoff finalists.

Over 50,000 people attended the service in Yaroslavl. There were also funeral services in Minsk for Ruslan Salei where thousands of people came to say goodbye.

Lokomotiv's lone survivor of the crash, Alexander Galimov, is in stable condition although it is still considered very serious. He remains under sedation and must be intubated due to the severe damage to his respiratory system.


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