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Fantasy Hockey- Mile High Hockey Style!

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In a few weeks, the Avs will be raising Peter Forsberg's number to begin a new season. Although it seems like a long time, I'm hoping it goes by quickly. Like last year, MHH will have a fantasy hockey pool. Some people have brought up the idea of switching from Yahoo to ESPN. We also need to have an idea of the number of people that would like to be involved, to know if we should run one league or two, and when works the best for the majority of people for drafting the teams. Who is going to be called the Wings Lover this year?! Who will get bragging rights?

Speaking of bragging rights, what would be better than seeing your own handy-work every time you got onto MHH? It could happen! You just need to come up with a brilliant idea for a new MHH logo, design it, and submit it to Mike before the 19th. You can even pair up and work on it together, although you'll have to share the AWESOME prizes if you do that...

Poll closes Friday.