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Lokomotiv's Alexander Galimov has died

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After a hard-fought battle, Alexander Galimov succumbed to his injuries Monday, Sept. 12, 2011, and passed away. Galimov had burns on over 90% of his body, including his respiratory system. He was being treated at Vishnevsky Institute of Surgery under the care of one of the best burn units in Russia.

Galimov was one of two survivors from the plane that crashed in Yaroslavl last Wednesday. The other survivor, Alexander Sizov, is in stable condition at Moscow's Sklifosovsky hospital. Per Slava Malamud via Twitter, officials announced his life is "no longer in danger" and his condition is "close to satisfactory."

A bit more about Alexander Galimov courtesy of The Globe and Mail:

Unlike many other members of Lokomotiv who were European Union citizens and once played in the NHL, Galimov was a native of Yaroslavl and a product of its youth program.

His death is certain to be deeply mourned in the city, where the team's consistently strong performance was a source of great pride.

At rallies following the crash, fans chanted "Galimov, live for the whole team!" and other slogans dedicated to him.

"All of Yaroslavl, all of the country, all of the world followed the doctors' words, believing, hoping, praying that he would defeat death and remain with us," Yaroslavl Gov. Sergei Vakhrukov said.

The governor described Galimov, a forward, as a fan favourite who remained true to his home club for many years.

"He carried the team spirit of Lokomotiv and through his indomitable character often reversed the course of the most difficult games," Vakhrukov said.

Stick tap to Chiavsfan for breaking this story on MHH long before any of us were awake.