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Plethora of videos from Avs Training Camp

Both Adrian Dater and the Avalanche will be posting a number of videos from today's training camp throughout the day. I will be updating this post with them as the day goes on. Recall that today was all about fitness testing for the vets. Word on Twitter is that it was a tough day with some painful tests, the bike drawing the greatest ire. Nonetheless, it seems they're all pretty excited about tomorrow and the start of the season.

UPDATE: new video - Presser with Sacco. He talks about the defense, captaincy, goaltending, and more.

UPDATE: Altitude's first Pod Cast of 2011-2012 season: Duchene, Jiggy, Mueller

UPDATE: new video - Peter Mueller interview

UPDATE: new videos - Matt Duchene Interview (from both Avs and Dater) BTW, Dater reports that Duchene has his own place this year, vacating Footer's basement...and lawn.

UPDATE: new video - Jean-Sebastian Giguere

UPDATE: just a note...Dater says Galiardi looks like he's put on 20 lbs of muscle in the off season. I guess curling those Bud Lights and playing beer pong really paid off.

UPDATE: new video - Mueller doing the vertical jumping test

First up, Semyon Varlamov talks about the Lokomotiv tragedy (All Things Avs):




Joe Sacco Press Conference (Avs website):



Peter Mueller (Avs website)



Duchene (Avs Website)


Duchene, mentions captaincy (All Things Avs)

J.S. Guigere (All Things Avs)

Mueller doing the vertical jumping test (All Things Avs)