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Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

I know the Avalanche aren't exactly known for their marketing skill. For those of you who are a little embarrassed by our uniprons, indifferent to our mascot and annoyed at our high ticket prices...I offer some levity. Because it could be worse. How much worse? Detroit Red Wings Presented By Amway Worse! Oh yes, talk about glorious!

"We’re attaching our logo to their iconic logo. Our logo will be on the ice and all around the scoreboards. We’ll be on the tickets and the brochures, and a lot of the community outreach. It will pretty much be ‘Detroit Red Wings presented by Amway’. That’s a pretty tie."

Yes, that is pretty indeed. Pretty darn stupid. And glorious!

Beginning in October, Amway will provide every "Season Ticket Holder of the Game" with a gift pack of Nutrilite and Artistry products, and every member of the Detroit Red Wings Kids Club with a Nutrilite children’s vitamin package.

This is really a perfect pairing. I mean, why not take the team we all love to hate and tie it in with the dude at work you barely know who keeps wanting to come over to talk to you about an "Exciting Business Opportunity"? They really shouldn't stop there, as there are lots of other sponsorship opportunities out there for the team. They could keep with their goofy squid theme and hire that beloved Jar Jar Binks as a mascot. They could double their ticket prices in a Netflix tie-in promo. They could hire Rupert Murdoch to call season ticket holders to try to gather market research data. The opportunities are endless.

So is my laughter.