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Quick Burgundy & White Recap

I'm sure you all saw this game on TV last night, so no need for me to break it down too much. Erik Johnson scored the game winner as Team White edged Team Burgundy 4-3 at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. Brad Malone, Ryan Stoa and Matt Duchene also scored for unipron blanche while Patrick Bordeleau, Gabriel Beaupre and Greg Mauldin score unipron rogue.

The Avs site has a recap up listing line combos and some other fun facts and Dater has some observations up as well. You might also want to check out our live thread as there were some photos and observations posted there as well.

The Avalanche will be in action on Thursday in Dallas (remember, many of the big names will skip that one) and we expect the first cuts to be announced today. Once that happens, I'll update the training camp preview thread so we can have an update on the exciting roster battles.