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MHH New Logo Contenders

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We're a day late with the poll revealing the contenders for the new MHH logo. So we're revealing these on Scott Hannan Day of Duchene Month rather than Peter Forsberg's Day. That's the same, right? We had some behind-the-scenes wrangling to do before we could get these out to you. Honestly, we received a somewhat...tepid response to our call for a new Mile High Hockey logo. Still there was some good stuff in my Inbox and we've narrowed down the submissions to three for consideration. And now we're going to foist those top three on you hapless opinion-istas for comment and criticism. See below for the three contenders...

#1 (these are in no particular order:






As you can see, we got some pretty creative and high-quality entries to consider. I want to thank everybody who submitted something for taking the time and effort to be a part of this little design exercise. Now, let your vote count below!