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Preview: St Louis at Colorado Preseason Game 2.

Colorado plays preseason host to the St-Louis Blues. This should give Avs fans a bit better idea of what the Colorado Avalanche will be capable of this season. Unlike yesterdays game against Dallas, which I'm sure everyone watched, Colorado is expected to play more veterans. There haven't been any cuts yet after the Dallas game, if any occur, we'll be sure to let you know. So does the Ex-Avs curse continue? Or can the Ex-Blues level out the playing field? Typically Colorado matches up very well against the Blues, it should be a great game to watch, err listen to. Who do you think will wear the A's in tonight's match up?

Oh, and to help those who don't have Google-fu, the game starts at 9 pm ET, 7 pm Mt. As in past years there will be no television coverage of the game, however, you can go here to listen to the game on the Oldies station.