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Daily Cupcakes- September 29th, 2011

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Brendan Shanahan talks about his method of suspending guys.

"Gary and I discussed this, and it was his idea that we need to be more transparent in our decision making," a weary sounding Shanahan explained just after recording yet another video - this for suspending Jean Francois Jacques. "He came up with the idea for using video. We talked about producing them to explain it to the players and then it just extended to letting the public see the videos as well.

"Players don’t get information on a chalk board any more," Shanahan continued. "They don’t want to hear what to do. They want to be shown what to do.

The Calgary Herald has a preview of the Colorado Avalanche

That's not to say the Avs are boring too watch. The team has loads of talent, especially up front, and maybe someday Matt Duchene, or even Gabriel Landeskog, will deliver the team a third Stanley Cup title. But, even though they are some nice pieces in place, the overall picture in Colorado is still fuzzy.

The club's main problem that caused them to finish 14th in the West last year was an inability to stop the opposition from scoring. In fact, Colorado was dead last in the NHL with 3.50 goals allowed per game.

And an update on Joey Hishon.


But he'll be spending time in doctors' offices in Ohio, not on the ice.

"They're going to do a bunch of research stuff on my brain with Ohio State University," he said. "I'll be commuting back and forth and then be with the Cleveland physiotherapist and doctors every day, so they'll be tracking me pretty close.

"I've been on the ice once or twice and done some workouts and felt okay doing those things. But the symptoms haven't cleared and I need to wait for them to go away before I really start trying to anything. As of now I'm not really cleared to do any of that stuff."