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Daily Cupcakes- September 30th, 2011

Want to put a number on what Shannahan has doled out since becoming the VP of player safety?

Brendan Shanahan is going to find out quickly that the job he now occupies as Senior VP in charge of player safety is not a lot of fun.

He has attacked his new position as judge, jury and jailor, not with a gavel, but a sledge hammer. As of Wednesday morning he had handed out $642,952 US worth of suspensions to seven players and is banning them for 44 games, 24 of which are regular season. (We are still eight days away from the season even starting.)


The banana-thrower says he didn't know there would be a racial element to the toss.

The lawyer says the 26-year-old Moorhouse is "mortified" and deeply remorseful. Moorhouse fears the reputation of his family and hometown have been clouded.

"He was horrified when he saw the implications a day later as to how it had come out, and he said to me, 'If I had an apple or an orange, I would have thrown that out onto the ice. I did not realize the significance,'" Joseph said. "This is a young guy who's guilty, if anything, of an act of stupidity."


A look at new helmets, like the one that Peter Mueller will be sporting.

In his mind, stronger and faster players decked out in more protective gear only makes concussion-causing collisions inevitable, no matter how much better the helmets are.

"Let's be real: If you want to take out hits to the head, why are we wearing Terminator-sized shoulder pads?" Mueller said after a recent practice. "If you're coming in with your shoulders and all this padding, it really doesn't matter if you have the best helmet or the weakest helmet."