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Fantasy Hockey- Save the Dates Update

Reminder that the Yahoo H2H draft is tonight (Sunday)...


Finally, it's that time of year. The preseaon is in full swing and opening night is just over a week away. T'is the perfect time to get some Drafting done. After the polls yesterday it was clear that most people want Monday through Friday evening drafts. But there are a few people that need it to be on weekends. Most people that said they could not make the Sunday times are in the Rotisserie league. After careful consideration here is our proposal:


Sunday evening: 9pm EST (7 Mountain) Yahoo Head to Head

Monday evening: 9 pm EST (7 Mountain) ESPN Head to Head

Tuesday evening: 9pm EST (7 Mountain) Yahoo Rotisserie


If there is someone that *needs* to be in the Yahoo Head to Head because of the Sunday draft time, or doesn't want to be in the head to head because of the Sunday draft time, please post below. We'll try and switch people and get the best fit for everyone.


As a, friendly, reminder if you cannot make it to the draft it is recommended that you change the draft order that you want so that you get the team that you would want anyway. You can do this up to 45 minutes before the draft in the Yahoo leagues. Otherwise you might end up with a player that has a serious injury or a team full of players you despise.

Any concerns, please fell free to voice them. I tried to fit everyone's desires in, but it's difficult to coordinate this amoutn of people.