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Photoshop Thread

Alright folks, we're going to try something a little different today.  This is a photoshop thread.  Your mission - to take this image and either a) add something to it, b) crop it out and put the subject over other backgrounds, or c) do both.  Just think of this as a caption thread, but with pictures!  If you're still confused, here are a few examples that might help:

Example 1  

Example 2 

Example 3 

Example 4 - the infamous Kesler photobomb thread

And if you don't have photoshop, there are alternatives, like Gimp.  It's just as good, and it's free.  Even if you aren't familiar with manipulating photos, I'd highly suggest checking it out.  

I'm going to try to run one of these caption threads every week on Fridays (hopefully), so with any luck, there will be tons of crazy new photoshops floating around for use on other threads.  As always, just try to make them as funny as possible - I know you guys won't have a problem with that.  Good luck!