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Second Annual Avalanche Guild vs. Mile High Hockey After Hours Game

The date has been set! For the second year in a row, the folks over at the Avs Guild will face off against peeps from our very own MHH in a battle of sticks 'n pucks at the Pepsi Center. Last year, MHH put up the good fight but eventually fell to their foes. This year, we are out for BLOOD Bordello style. Well, we probably should avoid breaking the glass, but you know what I mean.

The game will be held between 3-4 pm on Sunday, October 30th, prior to that night's Avs -- Kings match-up. MHH needs to sell 75 or more tickets to the Avs game, so even if you don't play, you can come on out and support the community. It's a great time, especially because we get an announcer and our team names with the score on the antiquated jumbo tron!

More details about the After Hours game and tickets for the Avs game will be coming soon. We'd love to get an idea of who wants to play, so speak up if you're in!