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Chicks and their Polls: Whose line is it anyway?

The prodigal son returneth. The ice man cometh. The Ferris playeth. Despite what many of us thought, Peter Mueller is actually healthy again and ready to play. Debates will abound on whether or not he will be healthy enough to last and/or contribute, but he's back nonetheless. The big question is where he will play. Duchene's out, so returning to his line ain't happening. Radar's line is clicking just fine, so it really shouldn't be messed with. Does Mueller replace Galiardi on Stastny's line? The problem with that is Gali is killing it lately. Since Jones still hasn't found his groove, does Mueller take his spot? Galiardi is about as versatile as you can get, so he could easily move to right wing. It's unlikely that Mueller will drop down to the third or fourth, not only because that would be dangerous for his noggin, but also because those lines are working well. If Mueller does play on Stastny's line, either Jones or Gali gets dropped or nachoed. Clearly, one of those guys on the bottom lines will be odd man out, though. Right? Does van der Gulik get more time with his new baby by going back to the Monsters? Do you sit Porter or McLeod? Does Kobasew go back to the press box? So many options, so many questions. It all starts with where we put Peter Mueller, though.