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Daily Cupcakes- January 17th, 2012

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Alex Ovechkin "stars" in a Russian rap video. There is a link in this article to the video. Alex may be a good hockey player, but a good dancer he is not.

According to a translation on Puck Daddy, Ovechkin's rap begins "Alumni of Dynamo, Eight on the back, In the all-star game all attention is on me."

He then lists some accomplishments such as scoring 100 NHL points and winning the 2008 world championship before saying "Stick in my hands, Rap in the headphones, Saying hello from Washington," and ending with "For every champion."

Ovechkin starts the video dressed all in black, then switches to a white shirt with a Capitals cap on sideways.

The 26-year-old is certainly a showman, as his antics at NHL all-star games, including donning a wig and funny glasses, have shown.

A look back on the Roy trade, from the perspective of Montreal.

When the Canadiens sent superstar goaltender Patrick Roy to Colorado in 1995, it wasn't quite the equivalent of the Boston Red Sox trading Babe Ruth.

But it's hard to overlook the historical significance of the lopsided deal.

The Red Sox sold Ruth to help pay for the Major League Baseball team owner's Broadway production.

Roy left Montreal after a bit of dramatic theatre at the Forum, when he defied head coach Mario Tremblay and spoke directly to team president Ronald Corey during a lopsided loss to Detroit.

Since St. Patrick departed, the Canadiens haven't returned to the Stanley Cup final and have reached the semifinals only once.

Now that John-Michael Liles is gone, the trade rumors need to start about someone else. The Toronto Star is aiming for Paul Stastny.

Colorado forward

Why he would help: Stastny, who played with Kessel at the 2010 Olympics, is a two-way centre who can put up points and take care of his defensive end.

Why he might hurt: Stastny’s offensive numbers have been on the decline for the past two years. He had only 57 points last season and is on pace for 47 this season. That is shockingly low for someone who earns US$6.6-million.

What it might cost: No question, Stastny will only be available if ninth-place Colorado significantly drops down the standings in the next six weeks. If that happens, the Avalanche might want to recoup a first-round draft pick for the one they traded away last summer.