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Daily Cupcakes- January 4th, 2012

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Cunneyworth is going to attempt to learn French.

Randy Cunneyworth doesn't buy the widespread notion that he is a lame duck who will be gone this summer when the Montreal Canadiens find a bilingual head coach.

The interim coach said Tuesday he is working on learning French and hopes that significant strides will be made by the time the decision is made on who will be behind the bench next season.

A recap of the Avs - Kings game.

Colorado has won eight of its last nine games.

The Avalanche are 7-0 in shootouts and have won their past 10 tiebreakers, one shy of the NHL record for consecutive shootout wins set by the Dallas Stars -- all during the 2005-06 season. Quick is 3-4 in shootouts, after going 10-0 last season.

An interview - or really more a "get to know" David Aebischer.

Most interestingly, he says that as a youngster his favourite player was Patrick Roy ("Best goalie ever!" exclaims Aebischer in the questionnaire). Now, it’s not surprising that a young hockey netminder growing up in the in the late 1980s and early 1990s had Roy as a hero, but how many could get to say they eventually got to play on the same NHL team with their hero, and on a Stanley Cup-winning team, no less? Aebischer can as he was the backup to Roy on the 2000-01 Avs.

The Hockey Writer's are asking for stiffer fines for dangerous hits.

This comes just one game after he elbowed Colorado Avalanche defenseman Jan Hejda in the head with a blatantly late hit. Torres was fined the NHL maximum $2,500 just a few hours before the game against Minnesota, a punishment that clearly did nothing to deter Torres, a player with a well-known reputation as a late and dangerous hitter, from from targeting another player’s head. The fine represented just a quarter of one percent of Torres’ $1 million salary this season. has updated their list of man-games lost to head injuries (first quote) vs the suspensions (second quote). It list every player, and the duration, for each.

Total - 584 man-games lost to head injuries so far this season.

Total - 85 games $1,354,106.29