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Still no hockey

Boy, this lockout thing sure is a lot of fun.

Joern Pollex - Bongarts/Getty Images

Although it seems like I've been doing this forever, I didn't begin my *cough* illustrious blogging career *cough* until after the last NHL lockout. I've now had a couple of weeks to really sit down and think about the depth and nuances of covering a work stoppage and I believe I have been able to form an expert opinion on them:

Holy fuck these thing are boring.

I mean, seriously? Is that how these things go? Five hour negotiations on "health and player-safety issues"? Detailed breakdowns of revenue percentages? Predictions of a long impasse so that the dictator can be overthrown? I knew this would be a yawner, but this is like watching Eyes Wide Shut over and over again bad: it's boring, you don't understand it anyway and even the screwing is dull.

And we're only in the preseason - the part where none of the games are televised to begin with. We could spice things up by sending AJ to camp so he could give us raving reports on Cameron Gaunce and bring you riveting updates of the training camp battles (Carman or Olver?!?), but it was generally fairly ho-hum.

But this? This is...blech. Do I do a breakdown on how Ryan O'Byrne will do coaching in the BCHL, maybe with a little prediction on how that might improve his game when things end? Or perhaps a little look at Semyon Varlamov playing in the KHL with former Avalache goalie Vitaly Kolesnik? Exciting stuff right there.

Thanks, Gary.