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Top 5 Hockey GIFs

Always good for a laugh, a face palm, or goose bumps, GIFs are a staple of Game Day Threads here at MHH. Some are certainly better than others.

Ron Chenoy-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Anyone who knows me knows I hate GIFs. There are many reasons why, the biggest of which is just how freaking annoying they are. The same action over and over and over again? No thanks.

That said, if I HAD to watch a GIF in a game day thread (or any other thread, for that matter), these are the five I wouldn't mind seeing.

#5. Freaky Twins: I enjoy this one because it epitomizes everything weird about the Sedin brothers. I get the twin thing. We had a couple sets of twins in my neighborhood, and the whole 'say and do things at the same time' meme actually is true. But this shows just how far down that path Daniel and Henrik have gone. Freaky indeed.


#4. Drinking problem: Oh, Dustin. You may be able to lift a Stanley Cup, but clearly you need some guidance on how to drink water out of a sports bottle. I honestly don't see how you can do this. Maybe he was too busy watching the ice girls.


(if this one isn't working, you can watch it here as well)

#3. Did you have a nice trip? It's always funny to see guys who have been skating since they could walk eat it on the ice. It's even funnier when the guy is trying to be all tough and start a fight.


#2. It's waffle time: I snicker. Each and every time. It's the look on Olli's face that just kills me. This one won't ever get old.


#1. Bang bang bangity bang. Yeah, I'm biased. And it's not so much funny as just fun. But I couldn't leave out the Bang Bang Dance. It's been a while since we've seen this side of Dutchy, what with the injuries and poor play. The exuberance just brings a smile to the face and a warmth to the heart.


So that's it. My Top 5 Hockey GIFs.* Feel free to add your own in the comments. Just don't expect me to watch any of them.

*Due to the painful nature of writing this post, the "Top 5" is more like "The Ones I Remember".

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