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Daily Cupcakes - Links from around the locked out NHL - October 12th, 2012

Links for your perusal

Doug Pensinger - Getty Images

Quebec dreams of another NHL team.

Quebec City wants the NHL back, that's no secret. Since it lost their beloved Nordiques who became the Colorado Avalanche in 1995, the city has tried to get a second team back in the hockey-mad province.

It's starting to become closer to a reality with each passing day. Quebec City has begun working on a new arena that will be ready come fall of 2015. This week the designers revealed the plans for the arena. See the video above for the animations and the dreamy music (it might literally make you fall asleep).

It's no secret I miss NHL hockey, but there is the KHL to watch. Here's a recap of a game, which includes seven minutes of recap and it includes an awesome tip-in (6:23 mark).

That’s all Sergei Kostitsyn needed to score a sure-handed overtime winner 39 seconds into the bonus frame, giving his Avangard Omsk team a road victory at Atlant, after the Moscow Region club forced overtime in the final minute. The Belarusian not only knocked down a waist-high puck at full speed with a defender on his tail, he also added an assist. Kostitsyn now has three points in just two KHL games.

Look out, a hopeful 2013 draftee was an Avalanche fan growing up.

"I grew up in Colorado for eight years when I was younger," he explained. "My friends just kind of persuaded me (to try hockey). I went to a lot of (Colorado Avalanche) games and I went to the Cup games there in ‘01 when they won it. That was kind of the stepping stone for me."

His father has been supportive as well.

"He’s fine with it," said Jones. "He was a little anxious and nervous the first couple years. He really enjoys the sport of hockey, though. He’s always online (following the games). He came out for my home opener last month so it was awesome having him there."

Ryan O`Reilly really wants to just get back to playing hockey.

"You don't want to burn yourself out," he said. Yet players also want to be ready in case the season begins. "I try to hope for the best," O'Reilly said. "I'm hoping in November we're back to playing."

O'Reilly has heard the season could begin in late November, or possibly in time for the NHL Winter Classic on New Year's Day. He also has heard that the league could lose an entire season to a lockout for the second time in the past eight years.

"It's frustrating because you train all summer (to play)," O'Reilly said. He remains optimistic since talks between owners and the players' association have resumed the past few weeks. "I just have to do whatever I can to be involved and be on top of it," he said.

Want to keep on the Avs overseas? Here's an article for you. Also with some rumors.

Rumors are circulating that Paul Stastny may off to Germany to join a new squad for the duration of the lockout. Jan Hejda has said that he will hold off on deciding whether or not to play in Europe until November. When asked where he would consider playing, Hejda said "I cannot imagine I would play in the Czech hockey league somewhere else than in Slavia Prague. My heart belongs there." Hejda played six seasons for Slavia Prague before being drafted by the Buffalo Sabres in 2003. If the NHL lockout isn’t lifted relatively soon its likely more Avalanche players will join the movement to European leagues or play with the club’s AHL affiliate the Lake Erie Monster.