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AHL Live Thread: OKC Barons at Lake Erie Monsters

Jason O. Watson-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

As many of you know, there are professional hockey leagues out there that are, actually, professional and don't feel like shitting all over their fanbase by skipping seasons every eight years or so. One of those leagues is the American Hockey League. The AHL kicks off tonight and the Lake Erie Monsters will be hosting the OKC Barons at 7:35 in Cleveland.

For those interested, you can pay $6.99 to watch the game through the AHL but be warned the quality of those feeds have not always been super stellar (think Yan Stastny, not Paul Stastny). The audio will also be broadcast on SiriusXM NHL Network radio for our pretentious readers (I kid) and also apparently streamed on this divine site (which has to be seen to believed) and possibly this one as well. ** Please remember that links to illegal streams aren't allowed at MHH **