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An Avalanche of GIFs

Doug Pensinger - Getty Images

As you may know, we're running a serious of sponsored posts about GIFs for Jack in the Box [turn to camera 2] Jack in the Box: Where miracles happen one bite at a time [smile, back to camera 1]. I'm not sure if that's the actual motto for Jack in the Box, as I didn't read all of the memo, but I think it would work. At any rate, it's my turn to come up with a GIF-related post I decided to have a little fun by creating some Avalanche GIFs. So, I hopped on over to and created some GIFs from some of my favorite Avalanche highlights. I decided to go with just 5 this week a) to make sure the page loads okay and b) because I have to do a few more of these in future weeks.

I started off with an ex-Av, Wojtek Wolski. He, of course, owns zillions of brilliant shootout highlight reels but I settled on this one because, well, Chris Osgood.


One of my favorite Avalanche GIFs is the talking hand by Chris Stewart. Of course, Stewie's hand is broken there and this was pretty much the last time he was good in an Avalanche uniform, so it's kind of bittersweet. But still cool.


Matt Duchene has scored a lot of pretty goals over the course of his career, but he has just one badass fight in the NHL, as seen below.


I wanted a Ryan Wilson hit and first found his hit on Patrick Elias. But Elias was hurt on the play and so I decided not to use it, even though the hit was clean. Instead, I settled on this knockout of TJ Oshie (I think)


And, to close it out, it's the internet meme that swept the nation for about 36 hours: Landeskoging.


This post is sponsored by Jack in the Box.