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NHLPA Comes Back With Not One, But Four Offers

"Okay, G-Bett, here ya go. This is the one we really want. But if that's not good enough, how about this one? No? Okay, well we've got this one and even this one for you, too. Pick a card, any card."

Bruce Bennett

Here's the common denominator in all of the proposals as reported by other people who have more time than I do right now, in particular the Wonderful Travis Hughes of SBN:

David Pagnotta of The Fourth Period reports that in all four of the NHLPA's proposals, the union has asked for a "gradual step" down to a 50/50 split of hockey-related revenue. In Year 1 of the new CBA -- the 2012-13 season -- the union has proposed a 54/46 split in their favor, with the number slowly dropping to 50/50 before the end of the deal.

That's a change from the NHL's proposal, which called for an immediate drop to 50/50 in Year 1. The old, expired CBA gave the players a 57/43 split, and the NHL had offered a "Make Whole" solution in their proposal that would have paid players back with deferred payments over the remainder of their contracts.

If and when we get more details about this, we shall pass them along.

- Detail: The parley has played out for the present presumably to provide the NHL time to peruse the proposals.

- Detail: It's now being reported that there were three offers, not four. Go for the middle finger, Gare.

- Detail: Gary responds, "It's clear we are still not speaking the game language" He said he is "concerned...that things are not progressing." (Per David Pagnotta of the Fourth Period). According to a bunch of other Twits, he also said, "To say the least, I'm totally disappointed." Like, totally, dude?