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Daily Cupcakes - Links from around the locked out NHL - October 19th, 2012

Friday Cupcakes

Tom Szczerbowski

A story on Malcom Subban.

The World Junior Championships will be played this winter in Ufa, Russia, on a big ice surface for the first time since 2008. Does this give Malcolm Subban the natural advantage to take the starting goalie job, since he gets to play half his games at Yardmen Arena on internationally sized ice?

The other thing worth looking at is whether Subban's save percentage has been artificially inflated by the ice surface. There are goaltenders who do well on international surfaces and poorly on the North American-sized rinks. Vitaly Kolesnik, the former Colorado Avalanche "goalie of the future" comes to mind in that regard.

What is the Oilers plan with no new arena.

The owner of the Edmonton Oilers said Thursday he is concerned with the "implications" of the now-defunct deal with the city for a new arena, but stopped short of saying he will revisit plans to move the franchise.

In a two-sentence media release, Daryl Katz wrote, "We are concerned about the implications of the motion passed yesterday by city council.

"We do not yet have a view on what comes next, but we remain hopeful that there is a solution that achieves the mutual goal of securing the Oilers’ longterm sustainability in Edmonton."

Graham James is back in the news.

A Crown appeal of a two-year prison sentence handed down to sexual predator Graham James will be heard Dec. 3.

The former junior hockey coach and scout pleaded guilty to repeatedly sexually assaulting former NHL star Theo Fleury and Fleury’s cousin Todd Holt between 1983 and 1994.

James was sentenced to prison last April. According to court documents, he would have been eligible for parole last month were it not for the impending appeal.

Prosecutors argue Judge Catherine Carlson over-emphasized the significance of prior sentences for similar offences and erred in her assessment of the totality principle.