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The NHL Cancels More Games

The NHL has announced that all regular season games through November 1st are now canceled.

Technically, they are postponed since the 82-game season can still happen. We haven't reached the point-of-no-return on that. But word on the street is that the NHL isn't done. ESPN is reporting that we should expect more cancellations on the horizon.

The NHL is expected to make much more significant cancellations by the end of next week if a deal is not reached, a source with knowledge of the league's thinking told

If a deal isn't in place by November 2, there won't be a full season no matter what happens with the CBA.

You have to believe that this is, at least in some way, a response to the offers the NHLPA recently submitted to the NHL. It took Gary Bettman no time at all to officially reject all three options presented by the players. The owners continue to approach the negotiations with a hard line, something they've done since the very first stupid ridiculous outrageously insane offer. The NHL is taking the bully approach: agree or go home. By canceling these games today, the NHL is reminding the players it has no intention of backing down.