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Matt Duchene to play in Sweden

Doug Pensinger - Getty Images

Nearly two weeks ago, a Swedish anti-trust board struck down the Swedish Elite League's ban on short-term contracts to locked out NHL players. As a result, an Avalanche forward is heading over to Sweden to play hockey. But it isn't Gabriel Landeskog. It's Matt Duchene.

Duchene will be headed to Gothenburg, Sweden to play for the Frölunda Indians, a team that, ironically, last won the league championship during the 2004-2005 NHL lockout (having Henrik Lundqvist on the roster might have helped). Frölunda is also reportedly in talks with Lundqvist, Louie Eriksson and Erik Karlsson (Lundqvist's twin brother is the team captain. Other notable names on the roster: Fabian Brunnstrom, PJ Axelsson, Christian Backman, Fredrik Sjostrom and Trailer Arnason (I kid: just making sure you were paying attention). It looks like Duchene will wear #91 with the Indians.