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A Series: Looking into Avalanche and Nordiques Player Numbers: Number 2

Avalanche and Nordiques Number 2 !

Justin Edmonds

Yesterday we started the "Who wore it best?" for the Colorado Avalanche and the Quebec Nordiques with number one. For the most part people were pretty divided between David Aebischer and Semyon Varlamov. Today, we look into the Number 2. I was fairly surprised that there were a number of players who chose to be represented by a "2".

Joe Cirella:Joe played for the Quebec Nordiques for a year and a half. In 1990 he appeared in 56 games he had 18 points, 67 penalty minutes and was a -27. In 1991 he appeared in 39 games and had 12 points, 59 penalty minutes and was a -28.

Bobby Dollas: In 1988 Bobby played in 9 games - earned no points, but did serve a two minute penalty. In 1989 he played in 16 games, had 3 assists, and had 16 penalty minutes.

Gord Donnelly: In 1984 Gord played 38 games for the Nords he had 5 points and 60 penalty minutes. In 1985 he played 22 games had no points and 33 penalty minutes. In 1986 he appeared in 36 games, had 4 points and 85 penalty minutes. In 1987 he played in 38 games, had two assists and 143 penalty minutes. In 1988 he was in Nords gear for 63 games. In these games he managed to get 301 penalty minutes! He even managed to get a four goals and three assists. In his last year with the franchise Gord played 16 games, had four points and 46 penalty minutes.

Kerry Huffman: In 1993 Kerry played 52 games had 22 points and 54 penalty minutes. In 1994 Kerry played 28 games played had 6 points and 28 penalty minutes.

Sylvain Lefebvre: Sylvain played for both the Quebec Nordiques and the Colorado Avalanche. When he joined the Nords in 1995 he played in 48 games, had 13 points and 17 penalty minutes. In 1996 he made the move to Denver with the rest of the team and earned his name on the Cup by playing 75 games having 16 points and 49 penalty minutes. His playoff numbers were 22 games, 5 points and 12 penalty minutes. In 1997 Sylvain played in 71 games he had 13 points and 30 penalty minutes. In 1998 he played in 81 games and had 10 points and 48 penalty minutes. In 1999 he played in 76 games and had 20 points and 48 penalty minutes.

Daniel Poudrier: Daniel played for the Nords from 1986 to 1988. In 1986 he played in 13 games had 6 points and 10 penalty minutes. In 1987 he played 6 games and had no points. In 1988 he once again played six games and had no points.

Tommy Sjodin: Tommy only played in Quebec for a year: 1994. He played 22 games, had 10 points and 18 penalty minutes and was a -5.

Greg Smyth: Greg Smyth played in Quebec from 1989 to 1992. In 1989 he played in 10 games, had 1 point and a rather large 70 penalty minutes. In 1990 he played 13 games had no points and had 57 penalty minutes. In 1991 he only appeared in one game with no points. His last year in Quebec saw him in the most games: 29. He had 2 points and 138 penalty minutes.

Wally Weir: Wally played for the Nords between 1977 and 1984. In 1977 he played 69 games and had 20 points and 197 penalty minutes. In 1978 he played 13 games and had 9 points and 47 penalty minutes. In 1979 he played in 68 games had 9 points and 166 penalty minutes. In 1980 he played in 73 games had 15 points and 133 penalty minutes. In 1981 he played in 54 games, had 14 points and 77 penalty minutes. In 1982 he played in 62 games had 8 points and 173 penalty minutes. In 1983 he played in 58 games had 135 penalty minutes and 16 points. In 1984 he played in 25 games had 5 points and 17 penalty minutes.

Ken Klee: Ken played for the Colorado Avalanche in 2007 and appeared in 81 games. He earned 19 points, had 68 penalty minutes and was a +18.

Bryan Muir : In 2001 Bryan played in 8 games and had 4 penalty minutes. In 2002 Bryan played in 22 games, had 2 points and 9 penalty minutes. He also appeared in 21 playoff games, during these games he had no points and 2 penalty minutes. In 2003 he played in 32 games, had 2 points and had 19 penalty minutes.

Wes O`Neil : Wes was part of the Colorado Avalanche between 2009 and 2010. He played a total of 5 games, had no points and 6 penalty minutes during that time.