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An Avalanche of GIF's

Jason O. Watson-US PRESSWIRE

Cheryl and David both took their turn to do talk about some of their favorite GIFs. Now it's my turn. I took a page out of David's book: I created my own using I took some of my favorite memories and created some GIF's. Please, feel free to share some of your favorites.

Is it any surprise that I would do this kind of article without making a GIF of a goal by Daniel Winnik? Because it really shouldn't be.



Speaking of unexpected goals, how about this breakaway by Ian Laperriere. Seriously. Lappy on a breakaway. And he scored.



Kyle Quincey might not be the most liked guy in Denver, however, there was a time that he was loved. Like this time. What a hit. Not only was it legal, but the Lightning got a penalty on the play.



And now, for some newer items. How about Jamie McGinn scoring with less than very little left on the clock left to tie it up?



Sometimes guys do something that can be taken out of context. A guy in the penalty box standing up and clapping while watching the Jumbotron must have liked his own hit? Mocking the refs? Or sometimes, sometimes, they show that they are good guys who appreciate members of military. I present you Shane O`Brien.



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