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Top 19: Crazy Avalanche Merchandise

Even though most fans have sworn off buying anymore Avalanche merchandise until this lockout is over (or ever, as the case may be), it's still fun to see the crazy ways people can show their love for the team.

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Party Animal Colorado Avalanche Lil' Teammates Player from

Avalanche merchandise comes in all shapes and sizes, and it seems there's something for everyone. Here are the top 19 (not really in any firm order):

#19. Don't you hate it when you have to clean up the remnants of spilled beer soft drinks from your car's cup holders? Avalanche Car Coasters are your answer.


#18. It's even worse is when your steering wheel gets all sticky, so wrap it up with an Avalanche Steering Wheel Cover.


#17. Never take a bath without your trusted friend, Avalanche Rubber Ducky.


#16. On those hot summer days, cool yourself off with an Avalanche Bucket of beer!


#15. For those of you who have a hard time holding on to your drinks, try a Wrist Shot Glass Holder.


#14. Announce to the world that your home belongs to the Burgundy and Blue with an Avalanche Door Knocker and Door Mat. (Personally, I'd rather go for a Red Wings door mat so that I can wipe my dirty feet all over the Evil Winged Wheel.)



#13. Do you think Joe Sakic is out there on the course with an Avalanche Golf Bag? Maybe not, but you could!


#12. Be like The Sherriff with this Avalanche Tattoo Sleeve.


#11. Save up your pennies for game tickets when if the season resumes with this snazzy Avalanche Piggy Bank.


#10. If an Avalanche Hammer and Measuring Tape don't inspire you to build a deck or mend a fence, I don't know what will.



#9. Your dog will be the envy of the dog park with his or her name engraved on this Avalanche Pet ID Tag. Notice it ain't sportin' no Unipron patterns!


#8. Deck out your game room with this Avalanche Billiard Cloth and Pool Cue Rack.



#7. I bet chiavsfan has already got this Avalanche Onesie on order!


#6. Always misplacing your phone or iPod? Consider using an Avalanche Phone Stand and iPod Stand.



#5. Start your day out right with this Avalanche Toaster or this Sandwich and Waffle Grill.



#4. Keep those ales chilled with a sweet Avalanche Mini Fridge.


#3. Better yet, park that bad boy right next to your Avalanche Home Theater Recliner.


#2. Invite some friends over to watch some away games vintage games on VHS with an Avalanche Pub Table and Bar Stools. Available in burgundy, too.



#1. Adam Foote commissioned this Avalanche Zamboni bunk bed for his son. Rick Brochu of Littleton, CO, was the master who created this beauty. From Busted Coverage:

Brochu...says that the bunk "has upper and lower full size mattresses and features a working stereo, headlights, side marker lights, a steering wheel, pillow and blanket storage, and a custom paint job that can be done for the team of your choice."

It recently sold for $13,000.


Not technically Avalanche, so it didn't make the list, but it's cool enough to share: a Nordiques/Canadiens Ice Breaker Game.

The goal of the game is to outscore your opponent within the three periods, just like in hockey. It requires one to four players and lasts approximately a half hour. The puck follows the instructions on your cards and whoever has the higher hand gets possession of the puck.


And here's a "WTF??" item I found:


I think an Avalanche Valance is taking things a little too far.

So that's it for the Top 19 Crazy Avalanche Merchandise. It really could have been a Top 100. After all, I didn't even include the Avalanche Garden Gnome!