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The Sakic 19

As you may have heard, Joe Sakic is being inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame today.

Bruce Bennett

As Avs fans, we're all very aware that Sakic is more than worthy of this high honor. His legendary career spanned 20 seasons, 1,550 games, 709 goals and 1,829 points. He's one of only 24 members of the "Triple Gold Club" after he won a World Championship (1994), an Olympic Gold (2002), and two Stanley Cups (1996, 2001). His wrist shot was feared by every goalie in the league, and he's known as one of the greatest Captains in sports history. He leads our franchise in goals, assists, and points by a wide margin, and his number #19 was raised to the rafters in 2009.

Basically, he was pretty good at this whole hockey thing.

So, in his honor (and because it seems like the thing to do 'round here), I put together a Top 19 list of some of his greatest accomplishments, a "Sakic-by-the-Numbers Countdown" if you will. As it turns out, Super Joe holds so many records that pulling this together was almost frighteningly easy.


(click to enlarge)

And just in case the font is still a bit too small, here's the list:

19 Post-season Game Winning Goals

18 Goals during the '96 Playoffs (#2 in NHL history)

17 Seasons as Captain

16 Assists in All-Star Games (NHL Record)

15 Overall in NHL Goals

14 Teams that want a do-over in the 1987 NHL Draft

13 All-Star Selections

12 Times leading the Nords/Avs in scoring

11th to hit the 1000 assists mark in NHL history

10 Players with more career assists

9 Overall in NHL points

8 Career playoff Overtime Goals (NHL Record)

7 Overall in Playoff Goals and Playoff Points

6 Career Gold or Silver medals won for Team Canada

5-for-5 on penalty shots

4 Players with more Points for a single franchise

3 Olympic Appearances (Won Gold and MVP in 2002)

2 Stanley Cups

1 First Ballot Hall of Famer

Congratulations, Super Joe. If any player is deserving of this honor, it's you.