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MHH Weekend Thread

Since it seems people want a place to chat about the Avalanche Juniors' games, the thread is back.

David Maxwell

I'll try to remember to get it up on Friday nights. (TWHS)

Fri night: Cutthroats v. Sundogs: Cutthroats win 2-1 in shoot out
Monsters v. Griffins: Griffins win 6-5 in overtime

Sat night: Cutthroats v. Brahmas in Denver, 7:05 pm MT

Next Up: Cutthroats v. Rush in Rapid City, Wednesday @ 6:35 pm MT
Monsters v. Ice Hogs, Friday Nov 23 @ 5:30 pm MT (recall that these are the bastards that threw around the cheap shots and tried to take on Bordeleau one after the other.