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A Series: Looking into Avalanche and Nordiques Player Numbers: Number 13

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Valeri Kamensky
Valeri Kamensky
Kellie Landis, Getty

This whole week consists of a boatload of obscure names...but not today. Only three players have worn unlucky 13 for the Nordiques and Avalanche, all three beloved in their own way. While the vote for who wore it best will probably be a landslide, all three would be worth a vote had they worn another number.

Mats Sundin - Mats joined the Nordiques in 1990 and played 4 full seasons in Quebec - never missing a game, in fact - before being traded to the Leafs for Wendel Clark. Sundin was born on the 13th of February and I assume that's where he came up with the idea to wear 13 as a jersey number. Boy, he sure looked good in the old fleur-de-lis blues. As a Nordique, Sundin played in 324 games, scored 135 goals, 199 assists, 317 penalty minutes and was a -21.

Valeri Kamensky - Kamenseky joined the Nordiques a year after Sundin, meaning #13 wasn't available to him. Instead, he went with #17. The next year, he went the backwards 13 route for two seasons. After Sundin departed, Kamensky made the switch to #13, a number he stuck with when the team moved to Colorado. In 1999, Kamensky left for New York as a free agent. In his 8 seasons with the franchise, Kamensky played in 460 games, 166 goals, 248 assists, +45, 303 penalty minutes and one Stanley Cup.

Dan Hinote - Dan Hinote originally wore #38 for the Avalanche but switched to #13 in his 2nd season when the Avs traded for Dave Andreychuk. In 6 seasons with Colorado, Hinote played in 353 games, scored 27 goals, 38 assists +2 and 254 penalty minutes. He also won a Stanley Cup.

And that's that. Just three players have worn #13 for the Avs and Nordiques, but they were all three important players in the history of the franchise (IMO).