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A Series: Looking into Avalanche and Nordiques Player Numbers: Number 36

Steve Moore
Steve Moore
Tom Pidgeon, Getty Images

And now we enter the the, uh, less meaty portion of the series. The most of the goalies are done, many of the stars are done and there aren't very many popular numbers left. Take 36, for example (please!). 5 players wore it, but only one wore it for more than 100 games. There will be a lot of entries like this coming up (thanks Gary!)

Mike Hough - Hough spent 7 seasons with the Nordiques and even served one year as captain. But almost all of the games he played were while wearing #18. The only exception was during the 84-85 season. He made his NHL debut in the playoffs that year, appearing in two games and wore #36. When he finally made his regular season debut two seasons later, he wore the #18 that he would wear for the remainder of his NHL career.

Ken Quinney - The winger had brief appearances in three different seasons with the Nordiques between 1986 and 1991. In each season, he wore a different number - 44, 12 and, finally, 36. With 36 on his back, Quinney played in 19 games and had 7 points. After his stint with the Nordiques ended, he had a long and successful career in the IHL, AHL and Germany, but never saw NHL action again.

Jeff Odgers - The Avalanche signed the former Sharks and Bruins pugilist in 1997. He wore #16 for the 97-98 season. Late in the season, the Avs reacquired Warren Rychel from the Ducks. Rychel wore #10 for the rest of the year, but the following season, Odgers switched to #36 - the number he'd worn with both the Sharks and Bruins - and Rychel changed to the #16 he'd previously worn with the Avalanche. Win-win. In two seasons with #36, Odgers played in 143 games, scoring 3 goals, 5 assists, -10 and a meager 421 penalty minutes. The Wild claimed him in the 2000 expansion draft but he never played for the Mild - he went to the Thrashers in the waiver draft that fall. In retirement, Odgers was the Thrasher's radio color guy for a couple of years.

Steve Moore - I'm sure most people are aware of the story here, so I will not rehash. Moore played 69 games with the Avalanche before his career was ended by [redacted]. His 12 points for the franchise are the most for the franchise's 36s.

Colby Cohen - Quick, name the last D-man that the franches has drafted and developed that has played 100 games for the club. Kyle Cumiskey (2005). Before the road runner? That would be John-Michael Liles (2000). Before that? Martin Skoula (1998). Before that? That would be Adam Foote. We have talked a lot about the team's struggle at drafting and developing goalies, but their track record with defensemen is even worse. In 20+ years, they've seen just 4 blueline draftees stick around for any length of time with the club (and some of these names aren't exactly superstar quality). The Avs have taken some good players - Shattenkirk, Gilbert, Regehr - but most have either seen success elsewhere, or not at all - David Liffiton, Nigel Williams, Agris Saviels. We don't yet know where Cohen will land on this list, but his stint with the Avalanche lasted just 3 games.

So, you have Moore (12 points), Odgers (8 points) and Quinney (7 points) as neither Hough or Cohen registered a point wearing #36. Good luck with the voting. If only Lindstrom had worn more numbers...