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Daily Cupcakes - Links from around the hockey world - December 18th, 2012

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The Colorado Avalanche had signed JC Lipiton to a try out, due to the lockout he missed the camp, but he will be representing Team Canada soon enough.

Lipon? He has never been drafted. He agreed to a tryout deal with the Colorado Avalanche last summer but the lockout wiped that out.

Of the 23 players on Canada's roster, 21 have gone through the NHL draft and 20 of those were selected. Only Lipon wasn't taken.

I found out where Steve Downie is hanging out... just for you.

Instead, players have had to keep busy playing mainly with beer leaguers, including Stamkos joining his father, Chris, in his Thursday night games near his hometown of Markham, Ont.

The two time Rocket Richard Trophy winner admitted he has had to take it easy on the old-timers.

“There’s a couple times when I’ve had to take a little mustard off the shot,” Stamkos said, adding that former teammate Steve Downie and Leafs alum Dan Daoust play in their games.

Want to know where the NHL stands? Well, there are no games... but this article lays it out pretty well.

Players have missed six of 13 paycheques with 526 games cancelled through Dec. 30. The league previously cancelled the outdoor New Year's Day Winter Classic between the Leafs and Red Wings in Ann Arbour, Mich. Also gone is the 2012-13 All-Star Game on Jan. 27 in Columbus.