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Daily Cupcakes - Links from Around the world - December 19th, 2012

Claus Andersen

Ryan O`Reilly is in Russia, and seems to like it so far.

"As for the arena, the rink is very nice. My brother said it was good but after getting here and seeing it myself I know it's all really nice."

O'Reilly said he is ready to take to the KHL ice for the first time on Wednesday, when Metallurg travels to the Moscow region town of Mytishchi to face Atlant.

The wing is sure that his adaptation to European hockey be smooth, in part because there is no language barrier between him and Canadian coach Paul Maurice.

Sidney Crosby can play goal, who knew?

Sid the Kid won’t let the NHL lockout keep him on the bench, even if it means returning to the game in an unlikely fashion.

The Penguins superstar dropped in on some ball hockey last week, donning the goalie pads and posting a shutout against his aptly named opponents, Flyers Suck.

Things could get interesting in Sweden...

A Swedish court has ruled that the country’s hockey association has the right to ban clubs from signing short-term contracts with locked-out NHL players.

The decision overturns a previous finding by Sweden’s Competition Authority that such a ban was illegal.

“I can say we’re very relieved about the court’s decision, which we feel confirms our competition rules,” hockey league chairman Anders Hedin told newspaper Expressen on Tuesday.