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Joey Hishon Cleared to Practice, sorta

Thousands of MHH drunkards were both saddened and elated to hear the 2010 1st Round pick has been cleared to skate with Colorado's AHL affiliate, Lake Erie.

Thunderbolts & Lightning!!
Thunderbolts & Lightning!!
Harry How

In what may be the first MHH miracle performed since Old Testament Prophet Joseph finished his 19 Commandments List, Colorado Avalanche forward Joey Hishon has been cleared to skate with his team, per some dude on Twitter:

Joey Hishon cleared for practice 19 months after concussion at Mem Cup. Here's pulling for him.

While we all know that you can't put anything on the Internet that isn't true, this nugget of X-mas joy has been spread via such reputable sites as and The Denver Post and the Hockey News. So rejoice!!! He still can't take part in practices, but at least he's able to lace them up with the team. Given that it's been nearly two years since he was able to do that, and I for one am thankful. Also, fuck Brayden McNabb!! Happy New Year and good luck, Joey!!

Tip of the Hat to Professor Oak for the blurb in his comment here.