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Happy New Year!

Stanley Cup Drinks
Stanley Cup Drinks
S. Gauthier

From all of us at Mile High Hockey, we wish you a fantastically awesome-sauce New Year's Eve and an even better 2013.

You guys and gals are awesome. You have given me faith in humanity on days that I needed a reminder that people are generally good. I've been lucky to meet a number of you - and you are all as fantastic off the internet as you are on it (I miss you guys! Gotta get back to Denver soon - and Southern Ontario!). I've seen the boards huddle together around a member that needed a bit of help. Through loss of family members, break ups, job losses, depression and even the death of a child you guys have been there for each other, supporting each other. You are happy for each other when great things happen too, engagements, births of children and new opportunities! Heck, you even open your homes to each other and let a stranger crash in a spare room (thanks Cheryl!), pick them up at airports (thanks AJ), and show them wondrous new pizzas (GL and Red you have ruined other pizza for me). I love you guys.

Although I really wish that none of us experience any kind of adversity in the next year, I know you guys will try and help each other through it.

My wish for you, other than hockey, is a healthy, happy 2013. We'll be here for you in the New Year.

Lots of love,

From *all* of the MHH writers.