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Dear Mr. Kroenke,

I'm an Avs fan in the truest sense of the word: fanatic. I spend a disgusting amount of money on the team every season with the tickets, concessions and merchandise I buy. I spend an even greater amount of time and energy on the team, not to mention the emotion. Oh those emotions.

Because of how much I give to the Avalanche, I feel as if I should have a say in what's going on with the 2012-2013 season. So here it is (for what it's worth).

As you are aware, the NHL, under the direction of you and the other owners, locked out the players in what can only be seen as a bargaining maneuver, setting the tone of negotiations as the league and NHLPA try to come to terms with the new collective bargaining agreement.

Oh, wait. Perhaps you aren't aware. Perhaps you're too busy jerking off to the Nuggets, Arsenal, Rams and all of your other franchises to have noticed. If that's the case, let me fill you in.

So far, we (and by we, I mean the fans, players, owners, arena workers, WE . . .) have lost over two months of NHL hockey because the owners don't want to pay the players as much they currently do, and the players are bitter from the last lockout. You know, that one that happened just 7 years ago in which the players bent over and let the owners ram them up the ass? From what I understand, the two sides on this new CBA agreement are not that far apart (although it appears some owners are dickwads and want to toss aside those gazillion-dollar contracts they were passing around like a bong in Spicoli's VW bus.) Yet, despite being close to terms, we still sit here without the joy of watching highest level of hockey in the world.

Now, it's not like we aren't getting our fix. We all can find ways to satisfy that need for hockey. Minor leagues, Euorpean leagues, even rec leagues are all helping us survive the lockout. But here's the thing: we shouldn't have to be doing that. We shouldn't have to drink a light beer when we can have a rich vanilla porter. To put it plainly, we should be watching the NHL. And that is the problem.

I'm not going to sit here and blame you for prolonging this stalemate between the two sides. Quite frankly, I don't think you give a shit. I firmly believe that you don't care enough about the Avalanche to even get involved in the discussions. I'd be shocked to learn you've taken a phone call or cast a vote, much less attended a meeting. Maybe you think that giving the team to your son in order to circumvent the NFL's rules about franchise ownership means you don't have to pay attention. Whatever the reason, you clearly don't give a rat's ass anymore about this team. I mean, you're still making these guys skate around in those horrific jerseys. Seriously, Kronke. Show the boys at least a little respect.

I want to say I'm not going to ask you to do something about this lockout. I want to accept that the Avs are so off your radar that, no matter what we do or say, you're just not that into us hockey people. But I love my team too much, and it's about damn time they hit the Pepsi Center ice again. So here I am, the jilted girlfriend who just won't let go.

Will you please make your voice heard in those meetings and tell those greedy bastards to settle this thing already?

We all would appreciate it.


Cheryl Bradley


Dear Cherly,

Thank you for your letter. We always love to hear from our fans. Please accept this autographed picture of forward Danilo Gallinari in appreciation of the time and dedication you've given to the Nuggets.

Warm regards,

Kronke Sports and Entertainment


Dear Mr. Kronke,

Screw you.

An ex-fan