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Chicks and their Polls: The Return of the Dutch-i

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Like Luke Skywalker, Matt Duchene's imminent return holds the hopes of a vast community of people stretched across the galaxy. Hey, Martians could be eagerly awaiting Dutchy's return. You never know.

The good (dare I even say great?) news is that it's going to happen sooner rather than later. Yesterday, he skated with the team for the first time in over 6 weeks. Of course, he was wearing the pumpkin jersey: orange, no-contact jersey injured players wear upon their return. If past experiences hold true, he'll wear that for another few practices, then practice with full contact for a few games, and finally get back in the line up. It may not take that long; stranger things have happened.

It has been announced that Duchene will travel with the team to Vancouver and skate with them during their road trip through Canada this week. Thus, the question looms: when will we get to see the Dutch-man back in action?