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Daily Cupcakes- February 16th, 2012

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A story about Tyson Barrie,the game against the Canucks was an expensive one for Barrie.

Tonight's trip into Rogers Arena will be as close as it gets to being home for Victoria's Tyson Barrie.

Slated to make his fourth National Hockey League start since joining the Colorado Avalanche, the 20-year-old will have upwards of 20 friends and family members in attendance in Vancouver as the Avs take on the Canucks.

An interesting article by 24/7 wall st about some of the highest earning players (across a lot of sports- not just the NHL).

In the 90’s, sky high salaries hit the NBA and NHL, sports with limited or no salary cap at the time. From 1990 to 1998, the average NHL salary more than quadrupled. Wayne Gretzky, the undisputed best hockey player of all-time, was paid $3 million in 1990 by the Los Angeles Kings. Less than a decade later, Joe Sakic, a future Hall-of-Famer, was paid more than five times Gretzky’s salary by the Colorado Avalanche. Similarly, average salaries tripled from 1990 to 2001 in the NBA, topped by Michael Jordan’s 1998 salary of $33.1 million with the Chicago Bulls.

Both of these sports have had multiple labor disputes in the past 20 years, leading to the implementation of a hard salary cap in hockey and a highly-structured soft cap in basketball. Unlike baseball which has no maximum, the changes have limited explosive salary growth in both sports in recent years.

If you were hoping for the Rick Nash saga to be done at the end of the month - doesn't think you should hold your breath. Will Nash be moved:

Survey says," Yes." I took a small poll of GMs and execs, asking if there is any chance Nash and the Blue Jackets could patch things up in true Valentine's Day spirit. One brought up Steve Yzerman and Detroit, which is a great argument. But others pointed out that Yzerman never wanted to leave, while Nash clearly is ready to go.

"You can't go back now," one GM said. But he and others believe the deal won't get done until the draft.

While it'll be painful to have this drag, it's probably for the best. Only one team is going to get Zach Parise, which will make Nash an even hotter commodity. Maybe another team makes a run and appeals to him. The trade contenders will have time to work their budgets/cap space.

Nash must understand he is guaranteed to be a winner in all of this. His no-move means he has ultimate control. Nothing happens that he doesn't like.