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Ask the MHH expert.

Writers of MileHighHockey often get asked questions related to hockey. We have watched the replays, and if we don't know the answers we are more than willing to help out a fellow hockey fan and try to find an answer for you. So, we are starting an "Ask the MHH staff". How do you get your questions answered? Email me. My email is at the bottom of the page, I'll send the question to the person who can answer the question for you. Every Friday we will post the question and answers.

The first question comes from Quietstorm560. He wants an explanation of the three point games. Until recently all games were only worth two points, a win was worth two points wereas a loss was worth only one point. Now, as soon as a game gets into an overtime situation both teams get a point, then the winner gets another point. This leads to a theoritical three point game. Let's have an example:

These are the standings:

Team A 6 points

Team B 3 points

Team C 3 points

So if Team A plays Team C and they go to overtime, and Team A wins. Team A gets another 2 points, whereas Team C gets one point. That would make the new standings to look like this:

Team A 8 points

Team C 4 points

Team B 3 points

See how three points were handed out? Team A got two points, and Team C got one point. So if the next night Team B and Team A play, and Team A wins again, but this time in regulation. This would lead to the standings to look like this:

Team A 10 points

Team C 4 points

Team B 3 points

The NHL awards a team an extra point for being tied after three periods. Adrian Dater, of the Denver Post, recently also tackled the subject.