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Wild at Avalanche, Game 53 Preview

53 - Wild
53 - Wild

Must win. I'm afraid that we're going to be saying that about a lot of games from now until the end of the season. And while it will probably be true each time it's said, this game really goes beyond that. Prediction: if the Avs win tonight, they stay in the race for the playoffs, but if they lose, the playoffs ain't happening. Yes, I realize that one loss isn't going to ruin the team's post-season hopes. However, a loss to this team right now will be indicative of the basic character of this team. If the Avalanche cannot find a way to beat a division foe that's in the hunt for the same spot in the standings, then there's no way we can expect them to get that ridiculous win streak they need. This game will show if these young players have what it takes to dig deep inside themselves and find the killer instinct they must have to be a playoff team.

Here are the standings. Yes, Dallas jumped the Avs. Did I mention how important this game is?


Giguere is in net tonight.