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Daily Cupcakes- The Day after the Steve Downie and Kyle Quincey trade.

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The Globe and Mail reported on the trade, with a bio of each player.

"Our organization believes that Steve Downie will add grit and skill to our lineup offensively," Avalanche general manager Greg Sherman said in statement. "He plays the game with an edge, and we look forward to seeing the immediate and future impact he can bring to our team."

Tampa Bay also made an additional deal involving minor league forwards with the Chicago Blackhawks, obtaining Brendon Segal for Matt Fornataro.

Piche has been assigned to the Florida Everblades of the ECHL. Segal will join Norfolk of the AHL.

The Hockey Analysis blog has some numbers, for those interested in stats.

Steve Downie was traded from the Tampa Bay Lightning to the Colorado Avalanche today for Kyle Quincey (who was later shipped to Detroit). I featured Downie in a post I wrote on the weekend about mixing toughness with skill and how having a big, physical winger can make a skilled center more productive, especially a smaller skilled center. Downie did this with Stamkos, St. Louis and to a lesser extent with Lecavalier. The beneficiary of Downie’s toughness in Colorado will be either Paul Stastny or Matt Duchene.

Is hockey becoming a more popular sport in America?

It was an unlikely cradle for a hockey prodigy. A sun-baked expanse of concrete, equipped with a makeshift set of boards—the haven of a passionate cadre of in-line skaters who in the mid-1990s had adapted the game of Wayne Gretzky to the climate of southern California. From the moment three-year-old Emerson Etem wobbled onto the roller-hockey surface at the Los Altos YMCA, it was clear he’d found his métier. "He just had this ability on wheels," recalls his mother Patricia, a former Olympic rower. "It was a lot of fun to watch. But more than anything, I was intrigued."

Like Theo Fleury, Sheldon Kennedy has become an advocate against child abuse. However, he isn't feeling particularly confident that Graham James will face jail time - even with pleading guilty.

You know, Graham James is going to walk -- again. That's not right."

Kennedy said that in the community of Swift Current, Sask., in the early 1990s, population 20,000, many people knew something was amiss with the high-profile junior coach, but nobody spoke out.

"There was a lot of people that knew what Graham James was doing in that town, but didn't have the confidence to act on their gut," said Kennedy.

"We've come a long ways and I think the justice system, this bill, is going to bring up to speed kind of where we've come in society in the understanding of these issues."

His testimony was just part of a day of hearings that largely focused on the child sex offence provisions in the new legislation.

Bill C-10 includes new offences, such as providing sexually explicit material to a child and arranging through telecommunications to commit a sexual offence against a child, along with more than a dozen new mandatory-minimum sentences for other sex crimes.

And finally, here is the link to this weeks' suspension vs concussions list.