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Daily Cupcakes- February 24th, 2012

Cody McLeod #55  WHAT?!  You might want me to go to Vancouver!?   (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)
Cody McLeod #55 WHAT?! You might want me to go to Vancouver!? (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)
Getty Images

A review (and a video that autamtically starts) of the new hockey movie Goon.

As this hellish Habs season drags to a painful close, Montreal hockey fans finally have something to cheer about. Three of the more talented people in the film business here – Jay Baruchel, Marc-André Grondin and Michael Dowse – have teamed up to provide some much-needed on-ice levity with Goon, which might be the best hockey movie ever made.

All three are hardcore Habs boosters, but the great thing about Goon is you don’t need to love our national sport – or our currently underachieving hockey team – to dig this ultra-raunchy laugher about a minor-league enforcer. The only prerequisite is that you be in the mood for some coarse language, a heavy dose of refreshing political incorrectness and some of the bloodiest, goriest punch-ups to be seen on the big screen since Raging Bull.

Speaking of goons, P.K. Subban is becoming one during practice.

After altercations with Tomas Plekanec, Mathieu Darche and Louis Leblanc, the latest spat came against David Desharnais.

Subban dumped his teammate to the ice and as Desharnais got up, he cross-checked and slashed Subban.

Other players stepped before the confrontation got out of hand.

After practice, Andrei Kostitsyn quipped that everyone wants to fight Subban, adding that every spat at Habs practice seems to involve the hard-hitting defenceman.

An article about Todd Bertuzzi. With links to a number of the Steve Moore saga articles.

He’s what the Canucks hope Byron Bitz, if he’s physically able, or Dale Weise might evolve into, with a lot of luck and coaching.

But Todd Bertuzzi’s evolution, 16 seasons and a wasted year’s worth, has already taken place.

If it hadn’t, the Wings wouldn’t have extended a guy who’s going to be 39 when the contract expires, and who’s going to court in September, with a very large bill likely hanging over his head when he comes back.

He will never stop paying for Steve Moore, one way and another. The stigma will always be attached to his name.

But come next winter, chances are he’s going to need the proceeds of this second career, and a little more, besides.