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Ducks at Avalanche Game Thread

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The dust has settled on the NHL's trade deadline day, and now it's time for the Avs that are still here to get to work. Two streaking teams tonight, both desperate to get into playoff contention. One will be more desperater, and hopefully that will be the Avs.

In related news, we're pleased to roll out a TiqIQ / Mile High Hockey contest where someone can win a $100 voucher for Avalanche tickets. To enter, like TiqIQ and Mile High Hockey on Facebook and then on the TiqIQ Facebook wall predict the average number of saves per game that Avalanche goalies will make in the 3 home games this week. The winner (ties broken randomly) - if there is one - will be notified on March 5th. Entries need to be in by Thursday, March 1st, 7pm Eastern.

Additionally, TiqIQ is running a promo for that Thursday game vs. the Blue Jackets: Avg ticket price is $44. Fans can score an even better deal through our ticket partner TiqIQ's "make an offer" feature. Offer $12 for a "1 star" ticket that usually sells for over $47 after fees. Move fast, as this deal expires on Weds: Make an offer here