Stastny's Value (Not what you think, and a little positive mojo about our team and where we are headed)

Honestly just about everywhere from here at MHH to HF-Boards and including periodic chatter from actual NHL insiders has speculated as to Stastny being on the trade block. His value has been discussed over and over as well..

Hopefully what comes next reminds us all how valuable and rare a top flight center can be. Him struggling (in my mind due to lack of a finisher since Stewy left) has everyone hoping they could pry him from our hands at a discount price. It's been going on so long that some of us fans are jumping on the bandwagon of destroying a core of center depth teams dream about.

Most of these stats people are probably fairly aware of.. but I am hoping that this reminds all of us to maybe be a little more patient as thankfully our GM has been.

Since his draft year he ranks 4th in production.. Let me give you the names ahead of him.

Sidney Crosby

Anze Kopitar

Nicklas Backstrom

Paul Stastny (Even struggling the last couple of years his PPG. AVG. is still .887 and he has scored 11 in his last 10.)

I must give Kane and Toews credit because they are right behind him.. At the same time they have had each other or Hossa & Sharp the last couple of years. While Stastny has has Porter, Winnik & Hejduk along with a host of different people for different stints.

I recently read a blog on Hockeybuzz in which the guy talks about the most productive draft picks since 2005. Ive proposed a lot of trades in the past but Ive NEVER been on the band wagon for trading Stastny. I was even starting to get close to thinking about it before I read the post.

Along with actually taking a look at this for FYI compared to other names being thrown around. These guys have been talked about in a trade for Stastny or just shopped and compared to value wise. (Mind you they are both a year older as well. 27 vs 26)

Stastny's career PPG AVG - .887

Nash's career PPG AVG - .810

Carter's career PPG AVG - .734

Do you still want either of those two one dimensional players over Stastny? Also consider that as over paid as Stastny has been for his production as of late. Nash is -21 this year with one more point than Staz and one more game played. Carter?.. Well yeah 10 year contract and even worse than a one dimensional winger? He is a one dimensional center with an attitude.

Check my inspiration for this here, it's a pretty good. -


I am all for a move, but there are certain guys who are definite keepers. (In bold - Prospects are not included because they are not proven.)

Duchene, Stastny, O'Reilly, Landeskog, Johnson, Varly, and with the way the kid has been producing Mueller just maybe a part of this core for a very very long time. Honorable mentions are Hejduk, Jiggy. Then worth keeping because it's not going to be easy finding anyone better or more versatile if kept to their roles, Galiardi, Winnik & McClemment. After that for character purposes and my personal preferences O'Brien & Quincey. All of these guy after losing them we would just have to find other guys EXACTLY like them to fill their void. Look at what happened to Chicago when they gutted their bottom 6. We are seeing now we need two more wingers to give both Duchene and Stastny the support to succeed. We may get lucky and get it in Free agency big time or we may not but giving up and going for a true top 6 instead of a disgustingly deep and talented top 9 will not win us a cup against these teams with grit and depth.


Hopefully this reminds us all to sit back. Drink some Kool aid and wait until we address our winger depth to really put a judgment on Stastny's value and this team. As well as shopping one of the best centers in the league. How many teams can say they have a two way center like Stastny plus another center (Duchene) who is on his way to being as good or better offensively. THEN add a center drafted in the 2nd round that will arguably be in the Selky discussion this year? There are a few teams with that kind of depth at center but not many. I can tell you this, they are all contenders. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of