Semyon Varlamov: I am ready to play for Russia, but I want to help the Avalanche in the play-offs

Sov Sport spoke to Varly about Steve Downie, Quincey's comments, and playing for Russia for the WC in Detroit after the game on 2/25/2012 . Part of the interview is translated into English by a real person, but sorry, the rest is Google translate.



Goalkeeper Colorado Semyon Varlamov: I do not want to talk about Washington!

D. Malinowski, 2/29/2012

The correspondent of Soviet Sport has met with Semyon Varlamov after the match, Colorado in Detroit, Joe Louis Arena (4:3). Surprisingly, the eve of the Varly made ​​a cracker in the game with the Columbus (5:0), but it was in stock.

SS: You are recognized as the second star of the day in the NHL! I was surprised, having met Varlamov after the match.

Varlamov: I was prepared for this turn. When the Colorado shall paired matches with Giguere we are constantly changing. Especially with Jean-Sebastien good statistics of games with Detroit.

What can you say about Steve Downie from Tampa Bay? A couple years ago you said some unpleasant things about him after the World Cup.

I can’t even remember what I said that time.

Downie lives up to his name.

I was playing for my national team then. But now I can say that Colorado made a quality trade. Steve was quick to find his feet in our team, he began to score a lot of points, and he will help us in the play-offs.

Another exchange Detroit was your defender Kyle Quincey, who said: "Half of the players, Colorado is sitting on their suitcases to the deadline approaches, the team does not care about their hockey players." Have you discussed these words?

We have at it did not react. This is only the opinion of Quincy, he had a right to express it. The truth is that the exchanges we do not wait. Colorado a great organization. Every hockey player dreams of playing in the world our great club, which has already won two Stanley Cups.

Do you follow your former team? What happens to the Capitals? There has not appeared stable first goalkeeper.

I do not want to talk about Washington, because it is not located within the team. I do not care what's going on. The Colorado own problems.

Head coach of Russia Zinetula Bilyaletdinov not meet with you during the trip to North America. But you keep in mind the World Cup in May?

I am thinking of Colorado at the moment and we want to get into the play-offs. When the season ends, I am ready to join the national team. If they invite me, I will be very happy to come.

What do you do in Denver when you are free? Apparently, you are not allowed to ski due to a clause in your contract.

A great city! Beautiful mountains all around. Continuing the sun shines every morning you wake up with a good mood. It's not only skiing all crazy. Colorado sports state. We also have a full hot springs, where you can swim. I have not explored all, a lot of time it takes to hockey.

And you still do not recommend the contract?

Skiing is just one of the clauses. There is also snowboarding and quad bike riding. If the GM see me on the bike, it is also not overjoyed.

What news of the Russian hockey surprise you the most?

That the Traktor won the regular season, and Khabarovsk made it to the playoffs.

The NHL possible performances that arranged tough guys, Vityaz? [note: Vityaz is the KHL team full of goons]

Here every club has one tough guys. That is enough. No one collects five men that went to the same five.

This ice is not needed?

I not the person who has to comment on this. Let the experts estimate. Let me just say that Vityaz the team KHL. It is part of the league. And I understand that fans like these shows. All the people who come to hockey, like a fight.

Have you ever thought back in the summer of 2011, when a signed contract with SKA? If you have not caught the Lokomotiv, starting arbitration, you would now be played in the KHL.

This does not recall. I am very pleased that the agreement concluded with the Colorado. Play in the NHL my dream since childhood. While there is strength and desire, I will stay in the best league in the world. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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