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Game 73 Preview: Avalanche @ Devils

73 - at Devils
73 - at Devils

The Colorado Avalanche are in the playoffs. Okay, so maybe they're not officially engaging in any post-season games, but they're sure playing every game like it's a game 7. There's no giving up with these guys, and you can feel their hunger for wins. It would be fantastic if they'd start getting them in regulation, but I'm not going to complain. Two points are two points.

The boys are coming off a shoot out win last night against the Buffalo Sabres. Two players seem to have placed the team squarely on their shoulders: Jamie McGinn and Gabriel Landeskog. Both forwards have been spectacular over the past few weeks, and there's no reason to expect anything different from them as we march ever closer to April 7.

Barring a major implosion, the New Jersey Devils are set to make the playoffs; however, whether they're seeded 4th or 8th is still up in the air. With 85 points, it's highly improbably they'll overcome division and conference leading Rangers (95 points), but certainly 4th place Pittsburgh (89 points) is within reach. Thus, they're going to be fighting hard for these two points.

The Avalanche are currently in 8th* place with 80 points, but as we saw last night, the 6th-11th positions in the West can change at any moment. Need proof? The Avs went from 11th to 7th with one win and then down to 8th with another (by Phoenix). They can fall to 11th again just as quickly. There's no doubt the Avs will have to rely on help from other teams around the league, but they need to make sure they keep their playoff fate in their own hands as much as possible. The moral of all this? WIN IN REGULATION.

Go Avs!

*Thanks for absolutely NOTHING Vancouver. Bastards.