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The Avs' Upcoming Week at a Glance

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More of this is needed. K, thnx. Ron Chenoy-US PRESSWIRE
More of this is needed. K, thnx. Ron Chenoy-US PRESSWIRE

There won't be anything secret or surprising about this post. After two straight losses, the Avs are in trouble. They most likely will need to win at least 4 of their last 5 to even have a shot. On the flip side, if they don't start winning they could be eliminated from playoff contention as early as Friday night.

Obviously, the Avalanche have 3 huge road games this week against San Jose, Vancouver and Calgary, teams the Avs are collectively 2-8-3 against this year. Oh, and there a bunch of games between playoff chasers this week which is also a bad thing. The teams on the list below will have at least 8 more points - and perhaps as many as 12 - when the week is over. Basically, the Avs need to win and hope for help.

GP Pt ROW GP Sun Mon Tue Wed Thr Fri Sat
3 Dallas PAC 75 87 34 Won 1 4 @Cal @Edm @Van @SJ
7 Phoenix PAC 76 87 31 OT 1 3 Stl SJ Ana
8 Los Angeles PAC 75 86 31 Lost 1 4 @Van @Cal @Edm @Min
9 San Jose PAC 75 86 30 Won 2 4 Col @Ana @Pho Dal
10 Colorado NW 77 86 31 OT 1 3 @SJ @Van @Cal
11 Calgary NW 76 83 31 Lost 1 4 Dal LA Col @Van